Graphic Arts Production

  • Work with clients from design stage through revisions and release to service bureau,
    litho house or printer.
  • Accomplish specific aspects of projects; build initial documents, import and format text,
    scan and import images, setup style sheets and automate processes.
  • Work closely with your service bureau, litho house or printer to meet the specifications
    required by their output devices.
  • Proofreading/editing services available.

wadaUwant provides typesetting and production services for those that continue to use traditional type houses or are in need of outside services to lessen workloads.

Digital production no longer means just having an eye for good typesetting. Chances are you will put your document on a disk and send it off for output. We build pages to your design specifications while keeping in mind the specifications required for the efficient output of the pages to a variety of printing devices.

We will work with you, your service bureau, your litho house and printer to see that your files are produced to exacting specifications. We will work with you from thumbnails and grids, to comps, to first draft, to revisions, to proofreading and up to the final printing of the piece.

We are not designers, but we have a designer's eye. We can digitally produce anything you need printed. From a single-page document to hundreds of pages, catalogs to flyers, newsletters to magazines, packaging, floor plans, maps and annual reports.

We are cost efficient for those whose billing is internal and cost effective for those who bill clients for the services performed.

Following is a list of clients for whom we have provided these services over the past few years.

Please contact Ken G for further information or if you would like us to quote on a specific project.

Ad Agencies, Design Firms and Marketing and Communications Firms/Departments

LHA World, Inc.

Maddock Douglas, Inc.

Meta-4, Inc.

The Monogram Group, Inc.

Motorola, Inc.

Nova Communications

Petrick Design

Plan A

Stanaszek Goodwin Design Partnerships

Slattery Design Group

Taylor Bruce Associates

Toomey Associates, Ltd.

Waste Management, Inc.

Ackerly & Associates

Anonymous Design

Bagby Design, Inc.

Robert Barnes Design

BCN Communidations, Inc.

Cagney + McDowell, Inc.

Drake Creative


Hartford Design

Hewitt Associatates, LLC

Ineman Associates, Ltd.

IA Collaborative

Lawrence Communications

LEC Limited

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