Waterdog Journal

The Waterdog Journal is a collection of fishing stories of where I fish and fishing reports of the days events. These stories and reports tend to be more about the experience of fishing than the catching of fish. The details of where I fish, how I fish and what I use are all there, but sometimes you have to read between the lines to figure that out. I've always found the "why" of fishing a lot more interesting than the "how" of fishing.

I wasn't going to start up a forum, but here I'll be able to say what I want, give away detailed fishing locations and not have to worry about being edited or deleted. Even though sometimes I should do both to myself.

Photo Galleries

This is a collection of photo's taken over the years of fish caught by myself, my guided clients and friends. Most pictures are of fish caught on local rivers, lakes and ponds. Some are of trips out of state. Since I fish alone most of the time, many of the photo's will be of friends with the occasional arms length shot of a fish or two. I've included a few shots of what I find on the way to fishing, just to break up the monotony of all those fish pictures.

Environmental Issues

I've always believed that anglers and hunters should be on the front line when it comes to some environmental issues. If something is wrong with the waters where we ply our sport, or the land we love to hunt, we will be the first to know. I will try to keep you informed on a variety of issues affecting our waterways and lands with links to organizations where you can get more detailed information.

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